Testimonials from audiences, fellow musicians and Artistic directors

"Clare Horgan is a musical, clever and imaginative musician and singer who could undertake many different musical projects.   She is working with me as a member of Cór Ban Cúil Aodha and as a member of Dáimh Amhránaíocht Dúchas na nGael, Acadamh Fódhla."
Don té a léifigh:
"Is amhránaí maith í Clare Horgan.  Tá sí cliste, ceolmhar agus lán de shamhalaíocht agus ábalta ar tabhairt faoi mórán éagsuil saghasanna ceoil. Tá sí mar bhall de Chór Ban Cúil Aodha agus de Dháimh Amhránnaíocht Dúchas na nGael d'Acadamh Fódhla."
Peadar Ó Riada
An Draighean, Cúil Aodha. Tel: 026-45671 / 087-6347959

"I can readily confirm that Clare Horgan is a musician of distinction, possessing extraordinary artistic ability with a deep connection to the ancient art form of sean-nós singing from a childhood in her native Uibh Ráthaigh, in Kerry. I support without reservation her determination to carry these songs across the seas."
Mick Moloney
Global distinguished professor in the Irish Studies and Music Department at New York University, USA

"Clare Horgan's repertoire and delivery are a breath of fresh air and her whole peformance connects readily with both specialists and non specialists alike".
Brian Priestley, Jazz presenter Radio Kerry

"As I was listening to her album, I again enjoyed the beauty of her voice. Whether it was Jazz, Blues or Folk songs, the purity of her voice is constantly there. There is no exposition of virtuosity, no overacting or in any other way aiming for effect. Clare remains instead very focused on the song. Her yet fragile and always beautiful".
Jan Peter Bats, who attended a concerts in Tech Amergin in Co. Kerry in July 2010 and bought the debut album "The Stolen Child" afterwards.

"Clare is known to me through my involvement in Irish Folk and Traditional Music. Through her visits to the singers' club, I am quite familiar with Clare's broad interest in different genres of music and singing styles, ranging from jazz through folk to sean-nós. I am also aware that she has two fine CDs to her credit, namely "Away o'er the water" and "The Stolen Child". Following her recent guest appearance at the club, members remarked on both the quality of her singing voice and the range of her repertoire. I fully support Clare's application for funding to further her musical education and her singing career."
Jim Walsh,
Chairman of the Cork Folk Festival and founder member of Cork Singers' Club, founded in 1991.
Tel: 087-2759311, Jim.Walsh@cit.ie

"We invited Clare Horgan to come and perform for us in Germany and one weekend in early 2015, in the Lower Rhine area of Western Germany, with venues in Mönchengladbach, Wegberg and Dusseldorf, she left audiences delighted. Clare read her audience well, connecting immediately to their mood with her sense of humour and her ability to lose herself in the song, while delivering an eclectic twist on traditional Irish singing."
Hanns-Georg Rybak,
Niederkruechten, Germany who heard Clare play at one of her traditional Irish residencies in Kerry in 2014

"My name is Margaret-Anne, one of the 3 gospel singers from last nite (the one sitting in the middle). Clare, I am buzzing since last night. Please please know that you are incredible. Really know it...in your heart. Your performance in Dillons last night gave me a totally new appreciation of 'the voice'. Your talent awakened something in me, something that was 'stuck'. Innate talent aside, your passion for music and song is infectious. Thirdly, your personality and openness is witty, colourful and beautiful. Fourthly? Your respect, appreciation and encouragement for and towards other performers/singerson the night is something that is often sadly missing in others. You have it, by the bucketful! Thank you!... Thank you for one of the best nights, most memorable nights ever. Mgt.Anne. X"
A member of the audience, (a semi-professional singer) in Dungarven Singers Club, on 16th February 2015